The Need For Fostering

In almost all parts of the world, there is a need for good foster homes. But fostering a child of a broken home goes far beyond simply giving them food in their bellies and a place to lay their heads at night. It’s a scary experience for the child who, broken as their home may be, are being taken away from what they know; taken away from the situations they’ve learned to handle in whichever way they can, and then placed in a completely new and strange environment.

Their homes may be broken, but they are not. Showing them what a loving, inclusive, and accepting environment looks like is many times met with strong resistance. Gaining their trust and teaching them that they do not have to be the product of their origin; that they can be more than they ever imagined can be an uphill battle. It can take its toll on all parties involved, especially the foster parents.

As a foster parent of more than a dozen kids long-term and even more short-term, I’ve been through it all and can help guide you through the ups and downs of being a foster parent. Being a foster parent can be one of the toughest, yet most rewarding choices you might ever make and I would love to be there to support you through it all.


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